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Nova Data Testing is a full service nondestructive testing company ready to provide our customers with the necessary experience to complete any inspection job.



We utilize Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Shearwave, and Visual inspection techniques to test a variety of materials and equipment.



Our goal is to support effective asset management by understanding our customers’ needs and providing accurate inspection results and reports.


Storage Tank Accelerated Reporting System

Nova Data's new STAR System is the combination of an iPad application and cloud reporting system.

A Real Game Changer


SafeView Boiler Inspections

Nova Data's Boiler Inspection reporting software provides timely and accurate results that are customized for your boiler configuration.

Time Tested Solution


About Nova Data Testing

Nova Data is committed to bring the best testing and inspection techniques to our customers to ensure accurate inspection results and reports that support effective asset management.

12 Point of Culture – Commitment|Integrity|Safety|Growth|Communication|Results Oriented|Success|Ownership|Balance|Teamwork|Systems Oriented|Gratitude

Nova Data Testing stes founded in 1986 with the idea of combining old-fashioned hard work with the best nondestructive testing technology available. Since that time the company has evolved and changed to better serve our customer base.

All of our field personnel have certified OSHA 10/hr training, CPR/First Aid, Aerial Work Platform training, as well as our in-house training program relating to job-specific issues.

We Are Here To Serve You

We guarantee our performance for the inspections our team is expected to accomplish safely and within the time allotted or there are no charges for our service. We have the best safety record in the industry with an independently verified A rating. We dispatch our on-site reporting systems for immediate analysis on the condition of your equipment allowing for a quick turn around and rapid repairs if necessary. This will reduce your down time and save money. Our electronic reporting system can give you access to your reports through our web-site 24/7. Nova Data technicians are continuously trained on new technologies and inspection techniques. Our company has a straight-forward rate structure for accurate invoices with no hidden charges. Finally, we have a solid financial history and an excellent credit record since 1986.

Inspection Procedures

Ultrasonic thickness testing has been used widely to determine rate of corrosion and erosion, or detecting discontinuities below the surface of a variety of materials. Based on the same principal as sonar, a sound beam is transmitted into a material to determine thickness or soundness, and reflects back to the unit.


Ultrasonic volumetric (shear wave) inspection works on the same basic principles as ultrasonic thickness, however angles are introduces. This allows the sound pulse to travel from a smooth base metal into a weld in a controlled manner.  The most commonly occurring defects in welded joints are porosity, slag inclusions, lack of side-wall fusion, and lack of root penetration, undercutting and longitudinal; or transverse cracks.


Liquid Dye Penetrant is mainly used to detect fatigue and stress cracks in ferrous or non-ferrous materials. Penetrant testing will also reveal any cracks, pinholes, laps, seams, leaks as well as grinding cracks. This works on the capillary effect that small voids will draw in the dye. After the dye has been administered, the surface is cleaned. Then a developing agent is applied to expose the residual dye, and the void is revealed.


Because magnetization of certain metals is possible, small particles that are attracted to magnetic fields are applied to the surface of the test object after or during induction of a magnetic field, thereby detecting certain discontinuities which are present in the material. Since magnetic particle testing is capable of revealing discontinuities (variations in material composition) economically, it is one of the most used nondestructive test methods.


Visual testing is the only nondestructive testing technique that can be performed without the aid of other equipment. Because the physical means of visual testing is available to almost everyone and because the process seems so intuitive, some people may assume that the technique itself is not very complex.  However it takes a trained eye and experience to conduct a successful visual inspection.


The equipment utilized for Flux Leakage Inspection uses very powerful rare earth magnets in order to near saturate the plate in the area of the scanning head. Coil sensors placed between the poles of the magnetic bridge detect the flux leakage fields and provide a low voltage output signal to the electronic module for processing and real time display. The electronic processing and display module is common to both of the MFE Scanning Systems.








“The storage tank inspections conducted by Nova Data Testing for our facility are an important part of the ongoing commitment to safety made by Westway Terminals. Nova Data Testing is always responsive to our needs and completes our inspections and reports in a timely and professional manner.”

Alex Sease • Terminal Manager, Westway Terminals

“I just wanted to thank you and the crew for all the work done here at Roseton. David, Sina and the entire crew are a friendly and knowledgeable group of guys. We sincerely appreciate their professionalism and flexibility in getting all of these tanks inspected. I speak for myself and the entire staff here at Roseton in saying that we look forward to working with you all again in the future. Please let all of the crew know how much we appreciate their hard work.”

Eric Shaw • Senior Environmental Professiona, CCI Roseton LLC

“Nova Data Testing gave us prompt and reliable service during an unscheduled outage saving us both time and money.”

David Paine • Maintenance Manager , Wheelabrator Westchester

“Nova Data Testing has conducted nearly forty fuel storage tank inspections for Weston Solutions at military air fields around the United States and the Caribbean. Their inspectors and technicians come prepared and are always willing to make the extra effort to perform these vital inspections as efficiently and safely as possible. Their reports are clear, concise and detailed with recommendations that allow Weston Solutions to complete the projects in a timely manner.”

Weston Solutions

“When you’re in an outage, you can’t afford to waste time while developing repair scopes from inspection results. When you get a report from Nova Data Testing, all the critical information is right in front of you with any significant findings highlighted, allowing you to make critical decisions much faster. With their easy to read reports there is no more searching through pages and pages of numbers trying to find what you are looking for.”

Matthew Costill • Boiler Reliability Engineer , Covanta Energy Delaware Valley

As a customer of Nova Data Testing you can always be assured that:

  • Your inspection will be conducted by ASNT trained and certified technicians.

  • All of our Inspectors have a strong background in the applicable code requirements and manufacturers recommendations necessary.

  • There will be timely reporting capabilities available through web based accessing.

  • Nova Data will use of the latest technical innovations in inspection tools and equipment.

  • Our company has over 30 years experience in the Nondestructive Testing field.

  • Everyone at Nova Data Testing has a “Can Do” attitude with quick and efficient response time.

  • Finally and most importantly is our Guarantee of Performance.


We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to discuss our service offerings as well as our culture and how we conduct our inspections.